Cool Tunes

  • The Beatles: A Hard Days Night
  • The Silver Jews: The Natural Bridge
  • The New Pornographers: Mass Romantic
  • The Kinks: Something Else
  • The Hold Steady: ...Almost Killed Me
  • The Mountain Goats: Tallahassee
  • Pavement: Slanted and Echanted
  • John Lennon: John Lennon / Plastic Ono Band
  • Joni Mitchell: Blue
  • Eminem: The Marshal Mathers LP

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July 26, 2009


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not a birther.

wow dude, that is weak. I don't know anybody who is a "birther". And as far as this msdnc "republicans have no plan" nonsense goes, the ball isn't even in their court! the people stopping reform are DEMOCRATS. The best proposal belongs to Ron Paul (an actual practicing medical doctor).
^john stossel investigates why healthcare is so expensive

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