Cool Tunes

  • The Beatles: A Hard Days Night
  • The Silver Jews: The Natural Bridge
  • The New Pornographers: Mass Romantic
  • The Kinks: Something Else
  • The Hold Steady: ...Almost Killed Me
  • The Mountain Goats: Tallahassee
  • Pavement: Slanted and Echanted
  • John Lennon: John Lennon / Plastic Ono Band
  • Joni Mitchell: Blue
  • Eminem: The Marshal Mathers LP

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July 08, 2009


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I love the clay davis icon... the best part of the wire ever was his elongated sheeeeeit. Even though he said it more than once throughout the show, there was that one time that it was classic. My friends and I who were watching it on dvd at the time replayed it atleast 4-5 times.

J. Maggio

Nate: brilliant

Dave: Yeah, Lost is so damn hard to follow... I like the idea of some different Marx or Marxists. I will almost certainly add Zizek.

Dave Schneider

The TV show idea is really solid. I'd say that LOST should be a definite, although it requires too much backstory at this point.

Do some Zizek. I don't remember if you mentioned covering Marx at all but if you decide to, I would move past the traditional four texts and get some samplings from Lenin, Engels, and Kautsky additionally. That said, I know you weren't big on the whole Marxist element.

Nate J

definitely take your students to a nearby forest, tell them they are in a state of nature, and ask them to construct a social contract

J. Maggio

Now, when you thought Juno was overrated, I was totally with you.

I loved There Will be Blood, but I understand that many people thought the performances were over-the-top. I thought they were perfect.

As per class, I am interested in the connections between church, family, and capital/industry. I have always felt that the church has an "unholy" alliance with capital in the US (and maybe England too). So I think the movie explores those issues well, and, to my mind, shows the kind of absolute black heart one has to have to a *really* successful industrialist. (I mean, even HW--his son--was kind of "front" for his money interests.)

I love the whole "I drink your milkshake" as a way to discuss the tragedy of the commons in the context of modern industrial capitalism.

But anyway.

How about No Country For Old Men. You like that film?



I had high hopes for There Will Be Blood but thought it sucked - overwrought with too much gratuitous violence... are you wanting to use it as a window into early 20th century capitalism, oil industry, etc?

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